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October is
"I'm Just Me Because" National Holiday

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Wear Your Truth For All To See.
We celebrate our National Holiday all year, not just October. Yup, we have our own National Holiday - so every week in October we are running a contest and giving away our "I'm Just Me Because..." Bandannas that you customize yourself to celebrate YOUR uniqueness. 


"I'm Just Me Because" National Month
Bandanna Giveaway
If I win, I want THIS Bandanna!

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Diversity Students
October is the "I'M JUST ME BECAUSE"
National Holiday!

The entire month of October focuses on promoting individual development, creating environments that break down stereotypes, and embracing who we really are. By doing so, we also recognize the diversity around us, and we move beyond simple tolerance to celebrate humanity. Our movement starts by giving voice to the things that make us unique and outstanding and recognizing that acceptance helps change the culture.

VISIT THE IJMM National Holiday Site for more about our National Holiday!

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just because pic.png
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