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Video Credit: Jenspiration and the MORE Students of Skyline Middle School

What is Project Positive?

The History

Project Positive was developed by students themselves who wanted to create a kinder culture in their schools by using their own voices as a catalyst for change and was conducted with permission for Skyline Middle School in Front Royal, VA.

These innovative students are part of Warren County, Virginia's MORE program, (My Opportunity for Reinforcement & Enrichment), which includes an enrichment program provided by the I'm Just Me Movement. Working with the students, we helped them develop this positive peer pressure program, Project Positive, that we are now helping them to take to other schools, and pay it forward!

The Benefits

The students of the Project Positive program not only have a great time, but the benefits for all involved students are life changing. The Project Positive program:

👉🏽promotes inclusive behaviors and demonstrates a commitment to diversity.

👉🏽empowers students to contemplate and nurture their greatest qualities.

👉🏽encourages students to courageously participate in a group setting.

👉🏽stimulates a sense of compassion and non-judgement towards others.

👉🏽prepares students for working on group projects and in teams.

Project Positive Helps Promote Kinder, Safer, Schools,
Through student participation.
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How To Get Involved!

Whether you are a student, parent, PTA member, teacher or school staff, contact us and we can help you bring this innovative program to YOUR school!


Contact Tina Culbreath of Project Positive using this form.

You can also feel free to call Tina at the IJMM on (703) 344-6206 

or email her directly at

Success! Message received. We will get back to you ASAP!

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