Strengthening youth, families, and communities through mentorship, education and training, positive development, and community partnerships.  

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In the age of COVID-19


We are here for you!


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Find out more about Project Positive and how you can bring it to your school or organization to engage youth in positive peer leadership!

Video Credit: Jenspiration and the MORE Students of Skyline Middle School

Send a Note of Encouragement to The Youth In Our

"Live Live Forward" Mentoring Program.

You can submit an encouraging note that we will deliver directly to the youth who are being mentored in our program.


Some of them may get little encouragement and would really love to hear from you! What piece of advice was most meaningful in your life? What is something that you learned from that you can pass along?


There's no limit to how your life can help theirs!

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Being a mentor is one of the most rewarding things you can ever do! 

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